FAQ For Virtual Tours

What will i get ?

You will receive a Google certified virtual tour of your business to embed into your website or social media platforms. This will be a result in google search results, allowing customers to walk around your property before they visit.

You will also receive a virtual tour package for your own use on file, so that you can host where ever you like, though you website , with a useful, convenient user interface to walk the tour through multiple levels.

Is any support Included?

We do all the setting up for you, but if there is ever an issue that needs resolving we provide support for you tour when ever required, always keeping a backup on file, just in case.

What about Refunds?

If your not satisfied with the final tour , we can re-capture the entire tour for you free of charge, and if that isn’t what you expected we will provide a full refund.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Changing the plans of the tour can be made ideally at any time before the process of capturing the tour. But If afterwards you require more or less tours, or images need moving this can be done post-tour creation for you at no extra cost.

How to set up the theme?

The tour uses the Google default theme, which is the most user friendly for navigation. But as we do offer a package along with the google embed, we can tailor the colours , fonts atc to your liking, so that it matches your website.

How long does it take to setup ?

The tour , depending on the size of the location can be captured, built and uploaded ready to use within 3 days of the purchase.

Is there a maximum sized building ?

We can build virtual tours for any size building, theirs no limit, thanks to the levelling system built in.

Can i walk through the tour using virtual reality goggles ?

The tour can very easily be made to walk through using VR headsets. Simply push the goggle button at the top corner of a tour,yjis allows you to view it on a mobile device through the goggles.

Any extra costs ?

Nope !! Everything is included in the sale price, including support.

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